August 25, 2015

Welcome to the University: First day


I meet late tomorrow and it's not quite bedtime yet so I thought I'd write a short post about my first day at the university. Classes are to begin Monday next week but we are still coming to school this week since we're having our "rusuge".
Rusuge consists of the words for a freshman at the university (rus) and week (uge) and is a week in which us new students are introduced to our new classmates and life as a university student by other our tutors.

Because today was the first day and everything was so new, we only hung out with our class today - which itself was pretty big because it seemed that nobody knew each other except for two of the girls.

Our tutors held a presentation on the most important things to know right now and made sure we joined all their Facebook groups.
Afterwards one of the tutors took a Korean flag in her hands and led the way around campus for a quick and super short tour around campus so we'd know where to go tomorrow. We met 2 out of the 3 teachers we're going to have; our grammar teacher who speaks Danish and our conversation teacher who speaks Korean. The last teacher is our history teacher who will be teaching us in English. Oh yes, we're super international and stuff~

We played a bunch of different games where we had to remember all of each other's names, make eye contact, and tell a lot of random facts about ourselves. I think our tutors did a really good job picking these games because I already feel like I can speak well with a couple of people.

The last thing we did today was to be parted into study groups and discuss ambitions and work moral. These groups had already been made by our tutors are we didn't have a say in this but I feel happy with my group so far. My group consists of me, a girl named Agnes (turning 21 tomorrow) who is just as much into k-pop as I am, Mathias (24) whom I had been chatting with a little earlier during the day because we were sitting beside each other, Maria (29), and someone named Sarah who didn't come today. For now I'm the youngest in our little study group. That role is kind of new to me.

At last we were supposed to go outside somewhere and hang out but it had been raining so we moved it inside. We went to a room where some of the student from Japan studies were too but I didn't get to talk to them today. We had plenty of things to talk about just us Korea students.

Tomorrow is the joint welcome for all the students at our part of the university - this means that we get to meet all the other asian language nerds. Oh! And we're going treasure hunting around the city!
It's midnight now and I have to get up early'ish because of my current housing situation (I'm going to make a post on that soon) so I'll head to bed now.
See ya!

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