September 5, 2015

Moving to Værløse

As I wrote in this post, I was allowed to set up my family's caravan in front of my aunt and uncle's house and I've been living here for almost two weeks now while I eased into life as a university student.

This is where I live:
and this is my 'house'
We live in a small village and the only bus going out here goes once an hour. Depending on what time my classes start and end, it can take up to two hours before I'm back home from school - even if I go straight home! That's a long time considering I only have 2-3 hours of tuition each day buy Tuesdays.

Now that we've determined that 1) I'm not homeless and 2) my transportation options are bad, here comes the news!
I'm moving again!

I actually forgot to write this on my blog (except when I randomly mentioned him out of nowhere in this post) but I got a roommate that I'll be moving out with as soon as we find a suitable place! And that roommate is no other than Chrille!
Ever since my first day here he's been a great help. He's made sure that I've gotten around safely now that I'm new to the area, let me crash at his place when the bus hasn't been in my favor, and shown me around a little bit.

So where am I moving to?
...into his family's backyard (ᴖ‿ᴖ; )

And it's actually happening today!
I'm so so happy his family will let me stay and it's also a chance for us to get used to living together. Hopefully we won't want to kill each other. And lastly, transportation is going to be heaven compared to now! It'll only take me 40 min. to get back and forth.

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