September 5, 2015

Welcome to the University: 4th and 5th day

Thursday we had a couple more presentations in the morning and after lunch, all the Asian studies students gathered in a room with our tutors to prepare for the ToRS-cup!
For the past two years, Asian studies have won the cup and religion studies were starving for victory. No pressure at all. Nope.
(ToRS is the part of my university that deals with language, culture, religion, and society primarily in the world outside Western Europe and the US)

Each study has a colour (Asian studies had chosen black like ninjas) so when we'd shown up in the morning, 90% of us were dressed in black and the rest in dark colours. The tutors painted our faces and when we were ready we marched towards the battlefield - lead by our flag holder!

Here is our team!

And like the true wannabe Asians we were, we had to take a selca~ Here I'm with Celine, Isabella, and Clara. Oh and do you see the the Korean flags on our cheeks? We made those ourselves! The Thai students came up with the idea and when they were done they let us use their paint and skip the line. 감사합니다! ヾ(◍^ᗜ^◍)ノ゙

Looking out into the battlefield~
These were our competitors. The blue team was the religion studies and woah were they rude! #Badsportsmenmuch
Their battle cries were almost threatening and they actually boo'd at the other teams (mostly us) in contrast to our team, which applauded all of the other teams when we were not competing against them ourselves.

The green team was Middle Eastern studies. Their battle cries were a tad offensive but they yelled them with a smile so no problems there.

Yellow team was the smallest one and consisted of the Indian (Native American) languages and cultures studies. Whenever this team went up against the others, we'd automatically cheer on them with the Indian songs we were taught as kids. They actually almost beat us in the tug of war game!
Oooh my gosh if I had to pick a favorite among the other teams it'd be red team for two reasons: their hats and their battle cries. These were the East- and Southern Europe studies. When the games first started, we all took turns to yell out. When it was their turn, one of them stepped in front of the rest and motioned with his hands as if he were a conductor. The group would sing what sounded like a traditional, proud soccer song and they would finish off with the 'conductor' drenching them with water fake vodka.

In the end we were given extra points. Asian studies got points for being the best team overall (keeping up the good spirits and cheering for the others) and Religion studies got some for best costumes and best battle cry (although I clearly think red team deserved that). In the end religion won by a few points but a couple of the tutors agreed that they should have been deducted points due to their bad behavior. As they said: "It was perhaps a victory of sympathy". Oh well, there's always next years games!

When ToRS-cup ended, Asian studies all had dinner together in one of the classrooms.
I swear the chicken was sooo good!

Even though this was only our 4th day together I felt like we had already established some good friendships. Here I'm sitting with Celine and Johanne~ The reason I covered Celine's face was because I was unlucky enough to snap the picture just as she was about to blink but Johanna still looked super cute and this was the only picture I took... I'm sorry Celine! I will take better pictures next time! (๑;°ロ°๑)

In the evening there was a party for all of the ToRS students. It was fun but a lot less than I had expected showed up. We were still a bunch from Korea studies though and one of the guys from my study group, Mathias, kept buying drinks for the girls. Some of them got really drunk and a lot of funny stories were spilled. Those of us who stayed really bonded that night.
My roommate picked me up around midnight but I heard some of them kept going until the party ended at 3am.

Friday at 11am the Asian students met up again at school and had breakfast together.
Only 6 of us from Korea studies showed up(^ー^;).. The breakfast was super yummy too! We had two biiiig tables with rundstykker, bananas, watermelon, tea, coffee, and chocolate milk!
As we were finishing up, the tutors held mini speeches and thanked us for a good introduction week. Some guys from the tech department came in and were supposed to teach us how to set up our computers to the printers. Out of all us who'd showed up, only a select few of had brought their computers so the tech guys decided it'd be a waste of time.

Later that day was the official matriculation ceremony where all the new students got the chance to shake our principal's hand. I'd been having a headache ever since I'd moved here and after the party yesterday I was pretty worn out so I skipped this part.

And thus, this post marks the end of the beginning of my life as a student at the University of Copenhagen.

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