October 7, 2015

An update on the past month

It's been a month and two days since my last post. I've had so many things happen that I wanted to blog about but haven't been able to make time to sit down and let it all out before now *gasp!*
So hold on tight. We have quite a bit to catch up on!

The first weekend after moving to Værløse I went back to my hometown for the weekend - and I brought my roommate, Chris, at the request of my mom because she thought 'it'd be interesting for him to see where I came from'. 'The ladies' were supposed to have gone out on Friday but Monika's boyfriend got sick and both Mette and Maria had other parties to attend first so in the end we cancelled. My grandparents had dinner at our place on Saturday and on Sunday we invited over Maria and Jasmin for nachos. It was a super lazy weekend but it was a good one. Chris seemed to enjoy my family's company.

The following week I was pretty hung up. I joined the film committee at school together with one of the girls in my study group. The film committee is an initiative taken by students at Korean studies and about once a month we arrange a movie night at school for everyone who's interested in watching movies from both North- and South Korea. From this week on we began showing k-dramas every Tuesday from 12.00-14.00 as well - we're currently watching Reply 1997. I was happy to see how many from my class showed up. It's a nice way to calm down before history class.

Wednesday the same week I went to my aunt and uncle's house so my aunt could help me make a quick costume. Why? Because that weekend all us students at Asian studies were going on our 'rustur'. The theme was superheroes, super villains, and sidekicks and at least one of the days we were expected to wear costumes.

Friday after school we went home to grab our stuff and then we all met up again at school and rode a bus to who-knows-where for our rustur! [I'll probably write a post about this later so I'll skip it for now]

The same weekend as I went on rustur, Chris's family began rearranging annihilating and reconstructing the garden because they want to build a closed-off patio. Thus, every weekend that I haven't had plans in, we've been working outside. It's not that I spend the entire rest of the days after school doing homework so I blame this for me having been unable to find time to blog until now. At least we're done soon. I'll be occupied the coming 2-3 weekends so hopefully the patio will be all done when I return.

The week after that went by as usual but then last week I got super busy again.
Monday last week we had our first movie night and watched Castaway on the Moon. I'd convinced Chris to come with me when he heard that there would be free pizza. Not many from our class showed up due to the heavy load of history homework for the next day but we were still some +30 people.

Tuesday we had a spelling test in Korean in the morning and a test in history in the afternoon. The test was on 180 A5 pages of text on kinship and Buddhism in some of the areas that now make up Korea and small parts of China. That could explain why so few of my classmates showed up for the movie night...

Wednesday we had our first exam (my teacher swiftly mentioned this after class Monday so it came as quite a surprise). We spent the first two hours reviewing the most important grammar and then the last hour on the actual exam. No grades would be given - we'd just be told if we had passed or not once we got it back. In case we failed (that one and the two extra tries we could have) we wouldn't be able to continue our studies. No pressure. No pressure at all. Though, my teacher said that as long as we'd been listening in class up until now, she was sure that we'd pass.

Friday morning we got the exams back. My teacher had brought two homemade dream cakes and we were jokingly questioning if she was trying to make up for the news that we had failed. But no, that wasn't the case. She adviced us to go get something to drink on the side because it might have gone a little dry since she  had left it in the oven for a moment while she was correcting our papers the night before. It wasn't because the test was super hard, I just felt like I could have done a lot better had I had more time. During the exam I had an almost complete blackout when I had to conjugate verbs in past tense with the (으)시 (honorific shi) so it was a huge relief when I got it back and saw that I had passed. Phew!
When I got back from school I called my 'dentist' at her request. She informed me that we could start my treatment soon and that I'd get my braces on (that I've been wanted to since the age of 13) by the end of this month. Yay!

Saturday morning I went with Chris to the opening of a new electronic store in Herlev named Power. Because it was the grand opening, they had a lot of really great offers. We had underestimated how many people were going to come because we ended up waiting in line outside the store for 3 hours. The people working there took good care of us though. Several times they came by with water and candy and there was a stand as well where you could have (really appetizing!!) sausages and bread. Chris got a new pair of Razer headphones and I bought a new phone - the Galaxy S6 Edge for half its normal price. My 'old' phone that I bought back in May/June 2012 has served me well but has had a few problems lately and I've been considering getting a new camera too as of late so I really think I made a good choice that day.

The reason I've had extra time on my hands this week is because my grammar teacher is in Seoul for a conference for non-native Korean teachers from around the world. This means that I'm free the days that I was supposed to have had her classes (Monday, today, and Friday).
The entire next week is our autumn holiday here in Denmark and train tickets are much cheaper on week days so I'm taking advantage of my extended holiday and jumping on the next train heading back to my hometown right after school tomorrow.

As soon as I arrive at the train station in my hometown, my dad will pick me up and drive me to Jasmin's place so we can do an all-nighter and (hopefully) finish our cosplays. On Tuesday we'll take the train back here because on Wednesday we promised to come help baking for Café Sweet Vanilla (the pop-up café that Siw and us joined after J-Popcon 2015. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday we'll be attending GEEKcore in Copenhagen. Jasmin is on the event team and will join us when she's free while I'll be spending all my work hours in the café. Because the café is only just starting up, we haven't made our uniforms yet. However, GEEKcore requested that we came in cosplay now that there were no uniforms so we decided to bring Elsa and Felsa cosplays that we started on earlier this year.

Hopefully everything will go as planned!
I'll update you after GEEKcore!

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