November 7, 2015

Braces, cancer, and a new job: an update

I'd written a whole post about what I've been up to the last month and then I decided to go inside to take a shower before proofreading and posting it - but when I came back out, my computer had turned itself off and everything was lost and now I'm honestly too lazy to write it all again.
So here's the ultra short version:

Since my last post I wrote 3 entries on what Jasmin and I did during GEEKcore. They can be found HERE, HERE, and HERE.

I got braces and now look like a 15-year-old according to my roommate:

My grandma was diagnosed with cancer - she's 'fine' for now given the circumstances. I'll keep you updated.

And I got a job at MentorDanmark where I'm going to mentor/tutor other students in the subjects that I excelled in during my time at the gymnasium. I got the job Monday this week and went to a workshop on Wednesday with a bunch of other newly hired mentors and there I was assigned my first student (mentée).

When we first started uni, our history teacher told us that we'd be turning in an essay in November. We were all so busy getting through the massive amount of homework that same teacher gave us and just in general getting used to this new lifestyle that we had completely forgotten about it until Monday this week. The first draft was due today at 12 pm so this entire week we have been stressing about finding sources, reading, finding more sources, and finally writing the paper. It was a huge relief to turn it in last night.

Next week is going to be eventful but hopefully not as busy as this week has been.
Monday I'm going to meet my mentée for the first time and plan with her and her parents how and when I'll be working.

Wednesday we were supposed to have our second exam, which was going to be the same kind as last time. However, Thursday night/Friday morning we received a mail from the university stating that the police would be doing an anti-terror exercise that same day and that all classes in the building we were supposed to be in will be cancelled.
It also said that while some of the Swedish police forces will be acting out as terrorists and the Danish police force would be doing their job, they were looking for students from the school who would act as injured and normal students. Since I don't have anything to do that day now that our class is cancelled, I signed up for a 'role' as injured. I hope I'll get to see some cool SFX make-up!

Since class will be cancelled Wednesday, our teacher moved our exam to Friday. So Friday morning we'll be doing that and later in the evening there's a get-together for all of us at Korea studies to celebrate the new bachelor and have Korean buffet. I'm really looking forward to that! ( ╯✧ ᗜ ✧ )╯

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