November 14, 2015

Moving to Roskilde?

To be frank I haven't been very good at updating my blogs lately and it hasn't been solely due to school. Sure, the amount of reading in history class is pretty heavy compared to anything I've ever tried before and sometimes doing homework from Korean class required more time than I had expected - but that hasn't been the reason I haven't had time to blog. Or perhaps I should say mental capacity.

As you all know I'm currently living in a caravan in the backyard of my roommate's home where he lives with his mom, little brother, and mom's boyfriend (but let's call him his stepdad because it's fast to write and that's what my roommate calls him). 
I guess Chris's relationship with his 'stepdad' has always been a little rocky but it's been potentially getting worse the past 3 weeks or so.
His stepdad has gotten mad about the smallest things like the fridge being messy, that the window in the bathroom was closed, that Chris didn't push in his chair after eating dinner, etc.
The episode with the window that was closed (which wasn't us. None of us had been to the bathroom) was the sole reason that we fled back to my hometown for the weekend the day before Halloween. His stepdad had his little mental meltdown and none of us had the energy to deal with it.

Things got really bad last week. Like really really bad. Chris and his stepdad haven't talked since Wednesday night when Chris left the house and I was half stuck in his room for half an hour because I wanted to avoid his stepdad. That episode was the finishing blow and I'm amazed how Chris had managed to keep up with it until then.
So yeah, we've been pretty desperate to move out.

Then yesterday when I came 'home', after having taken my second exam, Chris had a weird smile on his face. Eventually it turned out that we now had an apartment.

Oh .-.

We were scheduled for a viewing of two (both in the same building) Monday next week - but so were two other people. Apparently my mom had got a hold of them and told them about our situation so they promised to call the guy who had reserved one of the apartments we were going to see. He didn't have enough money for it so they gave it to us .__. Wow.

Buuuuuuuuut when my mom had first told me about it (she found it), she had said that it was about 60m² big and would cost us around 4800 DKK a month (everything included). When we got a mail from the landlord, however, it said that the apartment was 48m² and would cost 6227 DKK because we had to for heat, water, tv-signal (which we don't even need/use), and so on. But it would be ours from December 15th.
Later, when we were on our way to Chris's doctor appointment, a woman
We suddenly got way less space for way more money than first thought. Considering it's not located near Copenhagen, it's expensive. So I'm a bit pessimistic. On the other hand we don't really have a choice. We need to move away from here yesterday as soon as possible before Chris breaks.

Then today we looked up the company that owns the apartment and it's gotten some awful reviews on trustpilot.
My this-is-sketchy senses are tingling.

So we're just a tiny bit pessimistic at the moment.
Monday we're going for the scheduled viewing.

The plan is not to stay there the next two years. We both think it's too far (and a bit pricey when thinking about the location). We'll continue looking for apartments but at least we will soon have a place to call ours and where Chris will be able to relax a bit for once.

I will keep you updated!

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