December 30, 2015

Our new apartment!

Oh helloooOooOo!

In my last post I wrote how I was feeling pessimistic about the apartment. Since then, things have more or less fallen into place.

The apartment was still smaller and more expensive than what we'd first been told but things at Christian's family's got even worse (even though you wouldn't think that would be possible) so I'm really just happy that we could finally move out.

The bad reviews I had found were cases under the old Danish Rent Act, which has actually been updated this year in June/July. Many statements and rules have been amended resulting in the tenants being favored over landlords in contrast to the old Act. This mean that when it comes to legal stuff and all that, it will be very hard for them to treat us in the same bad way as tenants were few years ago - not just where our apartment lies but all over the country.
So.. I'm much more calm about that now. It doesn't mean that I won't be on the lookout for unfair treatment, but it sure brought me some kind of peace.

Early December came around and my dad took some days off work so he and my mom could come over and help us move in. We'd hoped to be able to move the weekend before instead of Tuesday, which was the same day as my last exam. No could do. The girl who used to live there had been treating the apartment so bad that they needed as much time as possible down to the last hours to restore it. On the positive side, they had to install a whole new oven and fridge (free of charge for us) so that was completely fine with me.

My parents have been really good at collecting and saving things like plates, tableware, pots and pans, etc. for when I would move out some day and we had a bunch of extra furniture that I could take with me so everything we needed was a bed, a couch, and a desk for Chris. On the day we moved, after I had left class a bit earlier, my parents, Chris, and I went to pick up our keys and check if everything in the apartment was fine. The caretaker, Palle, did this with us and noticed all the little defects so we wouldn't have to pay for that when we move out some day.
When we'd made sure that everything was okay we went on adventures in IKEA to buy the bed, couch, desk, and the last few little things that we needed. We also had some of their famous meatballs now that we were already there and none of us had had lunch.

After eating, we continued looking around.
Hooooowever, Chris was to pay for these things with his children's savings but there was a lot of troubles with his mom and 'stepdad' at first tricking the money away from him and afterwards not wanting to give him his money. This resulted in him having no money to buy any of those things on the day that we moved and thus, we had nowhere to sleep. Christian had brought a mattress or two from his 'parents' house but that wasn't enough for 4. So we went back to our apartment to assembled what we could and unpacked gifts from my grandparents before going back to my aunt and uncle's place in Knardrup to sleep. My gawd.
This is our living room. The big white piece of furniture is where we store our personal belongings. We have a side each and share the three rooms in the middle. The low square table would be standing near the couch and the one made out of tree is our dining table.
 This is our tiny kitchen. But it's our OWN and Chris and I are to decide whether or not we want to leave the dirty dishes for the next day without worrying about being yelled at by some idiot who thinks the world revolves around him. Yay!
This room here was where we would be sleeping IF WE HAD HAD A BED. Thanks Obama.

My aunt and uncle prepared dinner for us all but on our way back there, Chris's 'stepdad' called him and complained. To sum it up we had to move his moving boxes out of the way NOW. His 'stepdad' wasn't exactly sad to see him move out and our 'goodbye' to him was more like a 'let's never meet again'.
Like I wrote, we ate dinner at my aunt and uncle's - great dinner - and slept on the couch.

The next morning I had my last exam while Chris was off sick. When I was done, I met up with him and my parents near IKEA because his mom had o' so generously given him 7K of HIS OWN MONEY.

In IKEA we went on wild adventures.
Christian handled the cart and I was enjoying the ride.
Here you see Chris very seriously deciding on a desk.
In the bedroom section Chris caught me in a very focused moment when I was trying to catch the bubbles from my bubble tea.

We found needed but a couch in IKEA - Chris wanted one from JYSK. So we went to a store in Taastrup, the same city as IKEA, but the couch was sold out in that store so the girl called the JYSK store in Roskilde, the city we moved to, and checked if they had it. They did, so now all we had to do was go there instead - or at least we thought so. In Roskilde the couch was more expensive than in the first store so we called them and were told to buy the couch in that second store and then drive back all the way to Taastrup to get a refund of the difference. My dad and Chris took care of it while my mom and I were waiting outside by the car.
THEN we went back to my aunt and uncle to pick up a make-up table that they had. There was a soccer game that night and we ended up staying longer than supposed to. Chris and I fell asleep on the couch.
Once we got back home to the apartment, we made some rygbrødsmadder (Rye bread with cold cuts or spread) and went straight to bed after assembling the couch and bed. It had been a long day.

The next day my dad and I drove to the nearby supermarket to buy breakfast and then we spent the day moving in some more. My mom and I walked down to the laundry room in the basement of the building and washed all the clothes that I had washed on the last day before moving. It had been lying on the table in his parents' house's living room because it wasn't fully dried and ready to be packed and now it reeked of cigarettes.

Chris built our new lamp and he was so very very proud when he was done.
Look at that! He's like a new father.

Living room in the making~

Here Chris and my dad are building the bed.
The first day we saw the apartment, we noticed that there wasn't a closet even though there had been one in the pictures we had been shown. Palle said that people often didn't want it but that if we were interested, he could go get one from the basement. That same day, when we came back from IKEA, he had brought it up but we didn't have space for it before now.
The big white thing to the left is Chris's desk. Sadly it was so big that there wasn't enough space for my make-up table ㅠㅠ
I'm going to cheat a little now and to a little time skip to show you a picture from the day we left since I want to keep the pictures from each room more or less together.

This is our bathroom. After having seen what poor condition the bathroom of the apartment we saw was in, I was thrilled by how great ours ended up. We still need some sort of small cabinet below the sink to store things in but for now we are using the box our rice cooker came in. Fun fact: we named our rice cooker Ling Ling.

Aaaand here's our kitchen in the making! Tadaa~
We had a big lunch from a local pizzeria that day.

We left early noon next day since my dad had to be back home for a Christmas dinner in the late afternoon. Due to lack of time, I didn't get to unpack all of my things and ended up throwing most of it in the cabinet and will have to take care of that when I go back in January.
Chris and his best friend, Daniel, stayed in the apartment a few more days before he went back to his dad's place on Funen.
After 2½ days of work, this was what our apartment looked like when we left:
Not long before we left, Palle came by and asked if he could show our apartment to a couple interested in a two-room apartment since none of the others were free.
When they left, Palle turned to us once again and said that he really liked how we had furnished it. He said that, once we were completely done, we could perhaps take some pictures and send then to the main office and request if our apartment could become a fixed apartment to be shown off to potential new tenants. If that happens, it is possible that our rent will be lowered. Cross your fingers!

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