January 3, 2016

Update for December

I spent my first weekend of the month back in Esbjerg with my family. One of the days I dedicated to looking through everything in my room and write down what and what not to bring to Roskilde when my parents were going to come over next time and help us move in.
Esbjerg was beautiful as always.
I also spent some time with Maria (I was actually with her while taking the above pictures) and saw the apartment that she and her mom moved into after her parents got divorced.

The following week a Korean food stand here in Denmark, Kopan, that I had really wanted to go to ever since I heard of it like two year ago, was having a Black Friday inspired sale and since Chris and I didn't have any plan that day, we decided to go. Johanne 씨, Clara 씨, Martin, and Iohan from my class were there too as well as a lot of other people + a camera man from a Korean TV program since they were doing sort of a documentary on how the owner of Kopen sought to bring happiness to the Danes through food.
Our whole experience ended up quite interesting.
I went up to order a hoddeok (호떡) with honey inside for myself and some fried chicken for Chris and was told that it would take up to 50 min. to make the chicken. We weren't in a hurry so it was all good. Chris's older sister was nearby so while we were just waiting there anyways, he met up with her while I stayed back and chatted with Johanne 씨 and Clara 씨 until they had to leave - I got my food in the meantime.

When Chris came back it had been more than an hour so we went over to the side and waited for them to serve some of the other costumers. Our plan was to ask for the food when they were free. Before we could do that though, the girl who had taken my order saw us and said something to the owner before he left the stand to walk over to us. He apologized and said that they had been so busy that they had forgotten about the chicken and now they thought it was too burned to be good.
He also said that they had sold out of everything but their fishcake but that we, if we wanted to, could have some of that for free AND that we could come back the following Friday or Saturday and have the chicken for free, which we accepted. I got some of the fishcake too even though we had only ordered the chicken for Chris and when I wanted to pay for my food, they said that it had been long since I'd eaten it and that I still had had to wait for Chris's food so I got mine for free as well. Wauw.

On December 11th we had our third and last written exam. It was a bit harder than last time but that was mostly my own fault. With everything that had been going on with Chris and his family, I hadn't had the time nor quiet to practice enough. Karin told us that the translation and conjugation of words was required to pass but that it wasn't enough by itself. One part almost killed me but I did what I had to and passed that one as well. Phew. Now that way out of the way and all I had to worry about was my oral exam some days later.
In the evening we had a Christmas dinner for all the Asian Studies students. We were allowed to bring guests so I brought Chris, who was totally up for the idea of dressing up.
We listened to Christmas music, had some good food, and played 'pakkeleg' (a game in which you take turn to try to get a six with a dice and every time you do, you must steal a gift from one of the others. When time is up you get to keep what's in front of you). There were so many people when we arrived that Chris and I didn't get to sit beside each other. I didn't mind but was a little worried about Chris being all alone among my classmates. He was sitting beside Dan and Martin and they were almost crying from laughter at some point so I doubt that he had any troubles with that. I had fun in the girls' end.

Then we moved, which I wrote a whole post about HERE!
Everything about us moving has been explained there let's elegantly skip to December 16th when we had our last exam. For our exam we had to pick one out of four papers, turn it, and find a known text that we had to read out loud. This is because, apparently, it's happened before that some students have survived first semester without being able to read the Hangeul (한글 = The Korean alphabet). But as something extra from this year and on, we also had to have a short conversation. We went by alphabetical order and I was the very first out of all of us. I made some really stupid mistakes because I was so nervous but when my teachers pointed them out, I knew that I was wrong - and I passed! I think my whole class did. And when we were all done, my teachers called us back in and gave us cake and mandarins. We stayed and chatted for a while. Today was our last day before our Christmas break.

The two women to the left are my teachers Hyeon Ju and Karin.

Here you have some of the 스티브 씨s: Sofie 씨, Melanie 씨, Maria 씨, Tulsheenam 씨, Sophie-Amalie 씨, Johanne 씨, and Clara 씨.
And the yummy (and not as burned as last time) cake that Karin had brought and the mandarin from Hyeon Ju.
When our teachers left, Celine 씨, Sofie 씨, Johanne 씨, Isabella 씨, Mathilde 씨, and I went to Teastyle for bubble tea. I couldn't stay long though because I had to go back to Roskilde and continue moving.

After having moved in, my parents and I drove back to Esbjerg and I got to spend a day skyping with Emilie since we didn't have time to meet either before or after Christmas.
One day after I had been out shopping for the last Christmas presents in horrible weather, I went to trade presents with Maria and we enjoyed a cup or two of hot chocolate.

Then it was Christmas! Every day my grandparents drive up to Århus where my grandma has her radiation and chemo treatments and when they're finally back it's already evening. It's exhausting for both of them so this year my parents decided to celebrate Christmas at home and then invite them over.

During the day I attended the Christmas mass with my grandparents and sister. Not that I wanted to but my grandma wanted me to attend.
When we got back home I had about half an hour to do my make-up and hair before things went down.
My grandparents arrived and my siblings both wanted a picture of them and my grandparents in front of the three so I thought I'd have one as well. Too bad that the three was so small that you could barely see it.

After dinner it was time to dance around the tree. The one they bought this time was a lot smaller than last Christmas - but as big a mystery to my cats as the other tree we had.

They really couldn't handle all these new things under the three and they really freaked out when we started singing and dancing around the three. Or tried to. Because while my sister and I were all hyped, my brother was lazy and just wanted to sit down. Grandpa stopped and stuck his head out of the door facing the garden and began singing. And my dad kept commenting on my mom, who couldn't read and walk at the same time.
After dancing we distributed the presents and took turns opening one each.

The last days of the year were super busy!
On the 25th I hung out with Jasmin. What I love about our friendship is that I can be as ugly and lazy as I want to when I go to visit her, and I can expect the same from her. Jasmin greeted me by the door in her new charming onesie that she got for Christmas. The only reason I had changed out of pyjamas was because my dad and I were going to pick up Chris at the train station in the evening.

The next day it was my grandpa's 76th birthday. My grandparents usually invite all of us over on that day but since they were going back to Århus later in the day, they invited just my family and my two cousins over for  brunch.
In the afternoon we went to Jasmin's place because MaJaLou was going to film our not-at-all-Christmas'y Christmas special and Chris was going to be our guest star. We ended up with two different videos featuring him and he will also be the one editing both of them. At least one of them should come out here in January.
Here's a bunch of selcas taken after filming because we're adorable little fluffs.
In the evening we went to my cousin's place for a cousin party - and Chris and my cousin's boyfriend Martin were there as well.

The day after,The Ladies were having our Christmas dinner at Monika's place starting from 2pm (Chris stayed at home with my family). We had really great lasagna made by Monika and her boyfriend, Christian. We played 'pakkeleg', danced, and fooled around until evening.
Karoline and Monika~ 
And Maria and I 
From 8.30pm was the annual Christmas ball for old students at our old gymnasium. We didn't know that many people there though. There was no one from our class back in first grade and the ones that were there from me and Monika's last class weren't really people that we used to talk to.
Maria and I went to talk to one of her friends really quick and take a picture before the party really started.
We tried dancing (really ugly as always) but got tired early and walked around a little to see if we knew people. This is where we met one of Maria's friends, who invited us to a party on New Years. I'll get back to that later.
About 11pm we decided that we'd had enough and split up. Karoline's dad gave us all a lift back to Monika's apartment so we could pick up some of Maria's things that she left there. Then from there, Maria and I walked back to her new apartment where I was picked up by my dad.
We have this thing about walking in the evenings while singing and listening to k-pop.

On the 28th, Christian went back to his dad's place because he was going to meet up with some friends from osu! for New Year's. My family, grandparents, and I were invited to my dad's cousin's place to have dinner. And also the day after did we eat out - my parents had this gift card for hotels and inns that had to be used before this year .

I spent the 30th looking at plane tickets and hostel because Celine 씨 and I had been talking about going to Seoul during our Christmas break. I asked Celine 씨 if she was still up for it and when she got back home from work, we talked things through and booked our trip. I explained more about it HERE.

On the day of New Year's Eve I went to Maria's and ate with her, her mom, and her sister. For starter we had nachos but I ended up eating so much of it that I could barely eat more when we got to the main dish T__T
When Maria's mom and sister left around 8.30pm to go to Maria's aunt's house, Maria and I turned up the k-pop music. We danced and sang as if there was no tomorrow and came up with some crazy ideas for potential MaJaLou videos as well.

Wuuuuh selca while waiting~

And here Maria is with a hat that her sister had made.

Following tradition we watched the Queen's New Year's speech after dinner and later The 90th Birthday.

As time was nearing midnight, we found our jackets and shoes. When there was one minute left we hopped unto Maria's couch and watched the clock at Rådhuspladsen count down. At the first ring we jumped off the couch and into the new year, cheered over a sip of champagne, took a bite of the kransekage (a cake commonly eaten at New Year's Eve), and ran down to watch the fireworks.
For once I was actually able to record in the dark and catch the fireworks. I love my new camera ☆

That was how 2015 ended for me.
I hope you had fun as well ヾ(๑ ╹ ◡ ╹ ๑)ノ

Let's make great memories in 2016 as well!

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