March 5, 2016

Back to school

It's already been a month (and 2 days!) since I started school again after a 1 ½ month long Christmas break.
For those of you who don't follow my Facebook or beauty blog, I actually went back to Seoul (S.Korea) in January with my classmate Celine 씨 and we had the most amazing trip. I still haven't written the posts from this trip but if you're interested in me and my friends' previous adventures, you can read the first one HERE. There will be links at the bottom, allowing you to advance to the next posts.

In early February I went back to Esbjerg to Jasmin's farewell party before she moved to Seoul for half a year starting February 15th.
These are our last pictures together before she left~

That same weekend we also had dinner with my grandparents to celebrate the end of my grandma's radio- and chemotheraphy treatments. We don't know if the cancer is gone yet, though, before we get the last scan results.

I slept at Maria's apartment that night because the next day we were going to have birthday brunch at Monika's place with 'The ladies' and our friend Louise G.
As always Monika and her boyfriend, Christian, had prepared a heavenly table for the occasion.
And Monika had baked vanilla-chocolate muffins as well! 

As for recently my free time has been occupied as well. I lost my first student because the distance between us now was too far (which is totally understandable) but I got two new students - Nikoline and Mike and I'm still as happy as ever with my job.

J-Popcon, one of the two biggest cons here in Denmark, is coming up in just 15 days from now and since I'm going to be working in the maid cafe there, I have spent some of my time getting a hygiene certificate as well as helping sewing the dresses that we will be wearing.

Especially this week has been busy for me.
Monday and Tuesday I spent all my time outside school studying for my exam Wednesday. It was so much easier than I had feared and this time I was sure that I had passed - which I did, yay!

After school Wednesday we were invited to the Korean embassy here in Denmark to see their new Jutlandia exhibition (Jutlandia was a Danish hospital ship that helped soldiers and civilians during the Korean War).

Afterwards we were driven to to the ambassador's house (in embassy cars!) for Korean food, which his wife and chefs had made, and a funny little presentation on social differences between Korea and Denmark by the ambassador himself. It was a pleasant experience and I really liked how down to earth they all were. The ambassador was laughing with and talking to some of us students and his wife came over to me and told me how the fried chicken was spicy. Our teachers told us from the beginning that the embassy does a lot for us and is generally really fond of us but yesterday we truly got to experience that.

We were placed around 4 big round tables. Here's Agnes 씨, Liz (the British girl, who joined our history class), Mathilde 씨, and half a Celine 씨.

On the other side of me were Melanie 씨, Johanne 씨, Sofie-Amalie 씨, and a quater Tulsheenam 씨.

Ah, and my food!
We had tteokbokki (떡볶이), 'spicy' (not at all) fried chicken marinated in honey, a noddle dish that I forgot the name of, kimbab (김밥), and chips... for some reason.
 The ambassador told us that the wall here was actually made by a famous Danish architect and that they found it by accident while renovating this room. They wondered if it should be part of the Danish cultural heritage but it couldn't because it was legally on Korean ground. Anyways, the embassy liked the wall and convinced the people back in Korea to let them keep it.
After eating we spent some time chatting and writing in the guest book before taking a big group picture outside in the rain. We also went to the toilet so that Celine 씨 could say that 'she had peed on the ambassador's toilet'.

Thursday I went to the dentist up in Northern Denmark, which allowed me to have a little breather in the midst of all these busy days. After my appointment I had an interview with a Japan Studies student from Aarhus University, who is doing research on cosplay. She's also going to follow me around during one of my shifts in the maid café. After that I went straight home and came back a round dinner time; thus, completely missing today's classes, extra classes, and the 24-hour sit-in that we have atranged at our school to protest against many teachers being fired as well as the closing down of some of our sister studies.

Yesterday I had classes in the morning, I attended a meeting for us who want to volunteer at a big upcoming event that will be held at our university for Korean Studies teachers from all over the world, and in the evening we had a guest speaker coming. Last time we had a guest speaker coming, my teachers took pictures of us and gathered signatures to show to the higher ups that we are actively working for our studies in case they start thinking about shutting us down as well. I didn't go to this one, though, but instead went to help the others sew our maid costumes for J-pop.

I had hoped that I could start working on my essay but I am still waiting for Celine 씨 to tell me where I can find the texts I need. Instead I've spent the time up until now cleaning up the apartment a little before my parents and grandparents come visit tomorrow.

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