July 7, 2016

Disney princess with a new computer?

I'm not usually one to express my feelings very openly but two days ago I received a Facebook message that had me jumping around the living room and confusing my cats. Why?

Becaaaaaaause... (prepare yourself for a longer explanation)
On May 16th, while I was at home and busy studying for my last final, a girl named Kalypso (beautiful name by the way) posted something in one of the J-Popcon pictures groups on Facebook that I am part of.
In the post she basically wrote that they were a group of people starting up a project where they were trying to find people who looked like real life Disney princesses.

So I sent her a message, wanting to hear more about this project.
She wrote back that it was a project that they were working with up until Comic Con Copenhagen (September 24th-25th) and possibly with Disney.dk. Their goal was to become official Disney princesses for the Disney store here in Denmark with permission from the headquarters in California, naturally. A lot of kids and youngsters here in Denmark might never get to meet their heroes or idols since the closest Disney park is in France so their goal was to make that a possibility. Disney.dk loved the idea and now they were looking for more people. Once they had enough girls they'd send the idea to the headquarters.
I have never considered myself looking even the least like a Disney princess but have, since Maria and I went to Disneyland in 2014, been drawn to the thought of working in one of the Disney Parks for a season or so as a princess... so I "applied" that same night after work. I'd never know if I didn't give it a go, right? They had already found girls for some of the princesses so I applied for Tinkerbell, since I'm more petite, and Cinderella because of my more obvious cheek bones that I diligently try to hide in my blog posts.

THEN(!) two days ago Kalypso wrote back to me that they'd decided on me being the one who looked the most like Tinkerbell. However, some of the higher ups (Disney people) could possible give me another character if they thought I fit her better or, at worst, decide that I don't look like any of the characters. But for now I was one of the girls whose information and pictures they'd send back to Disney.

Now all there's to do is to wait and cross my fingers that Disney will agree with Kalypso and the others. Wish me luck!

On another note I've had the strongest urge to play Sims the past 2-3 weeks but every time I have tried, be it Sims 2, 3, or 4, my computer lasted just a couple of minutes before overheating and turning itself off.
So after months of looking having Chris look for me since I don't know much about computers anymore, we finally found one for an okay price and which aaaaalmost lived up to my expectations. I wanted a glossy screen but it seems that the world is against me and I could. Not. Find. a single computer with that, which would also be able to handle me editing pictures and videos, and playing some of the newer games.

I bought this one called ASUS ROG GL552VX-DM016T and I'm really hoping that it'll last me for a long time, just like the computer I have now that has served me well for more than 8 years already. My current computer is working fine except for being unable to play games and not liking longer Photoshop sessions so I'll still be using it until the day she has had enough of me.

But I am APPALLED by how about EVERYTHING has changed these 8 years, and not for the better! Office 365 is now subscription based and so does everything else seem to be. Photoshop is also subscription based! C'mon, buying a computer should be enough. Why can't I just buy things and then keep them like in the old days?! Grrrrrrr.
Meanwhile Chris is laughing the night away about how ignorant and old-fashioned I am when it comes to these things. At least this new computer has a disc drive so I can install my Sims 2 games the good ol' way while I yell at kids outside to get off my lawn B))

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