August 17, 2016

3rd semester (almost) is upon us

With just 19 days left until our 3rd semester begins, a bunch of mixed feelings and thoughts are starting to face me:

First of all I'm pretty sure I have semi-forgotten 50% of all my Korean and it scares the hat off of me!
When I went to Korea in June I allowed myself to relax a little before my trip and enjoy some 2 weeks of vacation since I'd be practicing Korean every day while I was there and booooy did I get to talk to a lot of people! I have so many stories to tell but those are for my Seoul 2016 Summer posts that I really should begin working on as well.. but I omg I have to finish the ones from January as well ( ;〇□〇)#thestressisreal 
Once I returned there were so many other things I had to take care of and now I'm sitting here less than 3 weeks before semester start and I haven't spoken or practiced Korean since I returned in June. I feel like I'm just asking to be kicked out. At least Celine 씨 told me she'd forgotten her Korean as well and that we could be losers together. Yay!

The thought of starting up again makes me feel uneasy. One of the reasons being that I didn't feel ready. That feeling is fading as I'm using my app to revise every night before bed though.
Buuuuuut then comes the books!

As I was ruining myself financially from buying books for the semester (Okay I'm exaggerating here. Maria has it way worse but she doesn't have a high rent to pay additionally), I re-read the profiles on our upcoming courses and stumbled upon a section with recommended pre-course reading that listed two entire books. Now back to feeling unprepared.
Celine 씨 hadn't seen that part either before I told her so we agreed to wait and see if those books were really needed and if so, we agreed to share the expenses and share instead of buying two books each, which is probably the best idea especially now that Celine 씨 will be renting a room for 4K somewhere in Copenhagen.
I'm going to miss running like mad to try to catch train with her after class ㅠㅠ

I'm still so very split between whether Korean studies is really for me and it sure doesn't help that our now graduated senior still can't find a job - it makes me worry if it'll be worth those 4 years. But switching studies like that takes a lot of work that I haven't even read into yet and with the semester approaching so fast, I've decided to not think too much about it now as I prepare for the coming semester. So let's skip that for now, aight?

This semester is going to consist of 2 parts just like 1st and 2nd semester consisted of the language part and history.
1st semester was language propedeutics 1 and pre-modern history.
2nd semester we had propedeutics 2 and modern history.
Now this 3rd semester we'll be doing propedeutics 3 and were given a choice between a studies on Korean movies OR politics, which is a whole new course starting this semester.
I chose the politics subject, properly called "Politics, Multi-culturalism and Immigration in Modern South Korea," and I'm honestly really excited to get started!

I think I'll end my post on this note. Cheers to new beginnings! 

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