August 17, 2016

It fills you with inspiration!

I'm not exactly sure why but these days I feel a peak in my inspiration and I love it!
Perhaps it's the promise of new experiences that the beginning of the a new semester brings.

But seriously, it's everywhere! Everything inspires me. My Instagram feed, cosplay groups on Facebook, YouTube videos, music, playing Sims, my cats, everything.

Being so inspired fills me with determination energy and I'm really hoping to get started on some of all the things I have in mind soon.

One of them is cosplay!
With the first ever Comic Con Copenhagen coming up in September (24-25ᵗʰ) and GEEKcore on October 21-23ʳᵈ, I'd like to get the creative juices flowing and once and for all get more seriously into cosplay. As of writing this post I have my new homemade mannequin standing on the table beside me and the only reason I'm not working on my Tinkerbell cosplay for now is because I've run out of needles.

With a new computer and access to a good video editing program, I'm strongly considering starting up a beauty channel on YouTube, something I've been wanting to do for a while. I enjoy writing blog posts and will continue with this but it seems that videos cater to a lot more people + the exposure seems much greater in comparison. 
Additionally, if I am to make a "new" YouTube channel, I'd like a fresh new look for my blogs as well.

I'd also love a new hobby.
Earlier this summer when I was in Italy with my family I was attending stretching, yoga, and pilates every day and it really made me miss those days when I used to dance once or twice a week with a small group of friends. I'd really like to start dancing again and perhaps do some dance covers of k-pop songs even though I already know that's quite a stretch.
I'd also love to take up singing! The problem is just that I can't. Or well I can but it doesn't sound all too good.

At last, I'd like to find another job.
I like my job now and I enjoy others but at the same time I'd like another kind of job. I might only work 4 hours a week now but I spend a lot of time outside work thinking about what to do next. Working at a cafe appeals to me on a whole other level and I really wish I could find a job like that soon.
Off I go with a bunch of job applications!

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