August 4, 2016

Not really worth it

I originally had planned to make this update much sooner but I ended up having no energy for it before now.

So I got a job.
As a +18-year-old finding a job in my city is hard (but it probably is most places, isn't it?) but I managed to get myself one at my sister's best friend's dad's company as a cleaning lady. In the beginning everything was fine. I knew it was going to be tough work but I was ready to do it just so I could earn a little for myself since it's hard to save up having to pay such a high rent every month.

Monday that first week I was sent to an island outside my hometown to clean apartments that are rented out during summer. I was working with an Iraqi girl named Shahad, who had also just started working over there, and a woman (I originally wrote down her name but I don't want her in trouble so let's call her B.). Again, everything was fine in the beginning. Shahad and I would share apartments (she'd do the kitchen and living room and I'd do the toilet, rooms, and hallway). B told us that we had 30 clean each apartment and we were doing fine until some apartments in she told us that those 30 min. were in total and since we were two working at the same time, we only had 15 min. to do it PLUS we'd only be paid for those 15 min. each per apartment, even if it took longer to clean. And it DID sometimes since people left food in the fridges, trash around the apartments, or super dirty kitchens that had to be scrubbed down.
I have never had a job where I'd only be paid for some of the work I did but always believed we would be paid from the time we began to the time we went home. Apparently not.
This horrible way of counting hours resulted in me having spent 4 hours cleaning that day while only being paid for 1 hour and 15 min. = NOT OKAY!

So Shahad and I went to talk to the woman in charge of us and expressed our dissatisfaction. After a long talk, we decided to give it one more chance and see if it'd be better the next day since we would then be working on our own instead of sharing apartments. It didn't get much better Tuesday nor Wednesday as I still spent a lot more time than I was being paid for.
Thursday it was just B and I and it was sort of a busy day. B was so stressed though and I really didn't like how she let out her frustrations on me. Like, she's snap at me, accuse me of not doing my job well enough, or constantly tell me to hurry even though I did my work within those 15 min. So once again I called the woman in charge of us and told her I didn't want to work like that (in a nice way, of course). She knew that working over there was problematic for many and that was why it was hard for them to find people willing to clean over there in the first place. It'd be hard'ish to find someone to replace me so we agreed that I'd take Friday off and then come help Saturday, which was one of the most busy days. Saturday was just as horrible as the other days working over there but I felt like I had to do it since I was "quitting" so suddenly.
The following week I was assigned to our big shopping mall here in my own city. The way of paying me was the same - I'd be paid for 1 hour no matter how much time I spent there - but after a couple of days I managed to do it within that 1 hour'ish so it was that much of a problem. I went there every day until last Saturday since the usual cleaning lady is back from vacation now.
So in the end I got a job but didn't earn more than what will cover the cost of my books for the next semester..

On a more positive note my friend Yuki from Singapore is coming to visit next week!
He's going to be spending 3 weeks in Denmark and the first week he'll be staying with Chris and I in our apartment to lower his expenses a little. We don't have any specific plans yet except for the 13th when we'll be practicing some K-pop dances with a group of Chris' acquaintances. I hope I'll be able to entertain him!

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