August 29, 2016

Tinkerbell cosplay progress and birthdays

Today has been one of those days where I stayed in my room, played Sims 4 for a couple of hours, and enjoyed some alone time - and I truly enjoyed it because this week has been super hectic!

Monday through Wednesday I was working almost non-stop on my Tinkerbell cosplay and once our package arrived with the materials needed to make the wings, Jasmin and I teamed up at Jasmin's house to get started.
Neither Jasmin nor I had ever made wings before so this was a completely new experience for both of us! We looked at a LOT of different tutorials but the one we chose to follow in the end was this one (pp. 65-67. FYI it's in Danish) made by a Danish cosplayer called Kelevar and posted in the Danish cosplay magazine DKos.

We spent hours and hours and hours working!
Wednesday, the day our package came, I drew a template for the wings while having the movie play in the background so that I could make sure to get every last detail down.
 I made them larger than the girl in the tutorial so I really hope they won't be too heavy ;-;
Thursday morning at 9am we met up. This was when the most time consuming part began: bending the metal wire!
This took way longer to do and was also way harder than I'd imagined since the wire had this thing about wanting to keep it's circular shape.
I can't begin to tell which was worse; bending them into little waves (like to the left) or making these spirals. 
We spent 7 hours working that day before we had to split so I could go home to take a shower before Maria's birthday party in the evening.
It was a small party just for the three of us and Maria's third cousin. I'm 120% sure she had us meet because of our shared interest in k-pop!
Next day it was back to work again!
We spent 17 (yes, seventeen!) hours bending the remaining wire and soldering it all together into 2 sets of wings.
 Jasmin burnt her hair at least twice and I my fingers were burnt twice as well with the soldering iron. 

The next day Jasmin was going to be hosting her own birthday party. However, since it took so much longer tan expected, we figured we had to work on the wings as much as we could as Jasmin moved out yesterday.
For now the wings are at my home and it'll be my job to transport them back to Zealand tomorrow. Before that I'll see if I can have my grandma help me iron them so that all we'll have to do it cover the ends in worbla to make them wearable.

Speaking of birthdays we had yet another family birthday to attend the week before last week and the question about whether I had decided to continue studying Korean came up again. This time my dad's cousins' husbands gave me some good advice on what I could do to make the choice easier so I'm going to do that as soon as I can!

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