October 29, 2016

It freaking happened again!

I went to bed early last night thinking I could use some sleep after a hectic week and that it'd be good to be well rested before my final this Monday.

Well, I woke up to a message sent to my page. Nothing unusual.
Only this time it was my face all over again and some imbecile pretending to be a 36-YEARS-OLD NURSE FROM CANADA - WITH MY FACE!!!

My full conversation so far with the hero without cape:
As before, click the picture to enlarge them

 And here are the pictures he sent me.
Since we're in different time zones, it'll most likely be some hours before I'll get a reply.

Now THIS is truly the work of a good-for-nothing.
Unlike LAST TIME where they actually took the time to mirror (and maybe cut) my picture, this picture has been stolen directly from THIS LENS REVIEW BLOG POST on my beauty blog.


Some hours after I created this post, the guy replied me again - this time with another picture of my long lost, 15 years older twins profile and a link as well!
Of course my internet had to die on me over the weekend and since I was also busy studying for my exam yesterday, I couldn't be bothered with all this before today.

Let's take a look at the profile:
First off: SCREW YOU! Like I look 36?! WHO IN THE WORLD DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?!?!

But yes. Interesting.
It's actually quite entertaining finding a profile like that. It kind of feels like finding an alternate version of yourself in an alternate universe.

It seems this Lucy ("jasi8") went a whole different way and became a nurse. Ah, yes.
Maybe this is the me that never discovered K-pop?
In high school she chose French instead of Spanish and without having any cool hobbies or strange goals to pursue, she decided to fly all the way to Canada to start a new life. She fell in love with the moose there (they have moose, right?) and decided to become a vegetarian.
She's got 25 cats and still counting but sees herself as a strong, independent woman. The only reason she's on this site is because her friends from the moose loving vegetarian club and her made a bet about who could find and convert most meat lovers within a month. She's probably coming in second.

Okay odd stories aside. Like I said, I got a link to the profile as well:
Unless I decided to join the site (which I have absolutely NO intentions of! I want to associations with them whatsoever. Not that I have anything against OkCupid but I refuse to have my face on a dating site), I didn't have any way to report the profile.
So instead I contact OkCupid and told them as it was: Someone is using a picture of me without my consent and I want them to take it down ASAP.

And now, we wait.

[...will be updated later...]

October 20, 2016

I'm a featured dating site member?

Something weird happened yesterday.

I had just returned from my adventures to buy glue so I could fix my shoes before GEEKcore tomorrow when I came home to see a message sent to my Facebook page.

[Click the pictures to enlarge them]
A stranger sent me a link to a tweet, asking if it was me in the picture.
..and I found this. That's my picture right there, cropped and mirrored.
I was furious with what I saw!
How DARE they use my face like that!?
And also, how dare they say this "Katie" person is a 25-year-old when I can't even get into clubs with this face in my own country without showing ID?

At first I thought maybe someone had stolen my picture and made a fake profile using my face. You know, a catfish or something. I immediately told them to take it down.
 But the more people around me looked into it, the more it seemed like it was this "page" itself that had falsely made an account with my picture to make themselves seem more.. legit, I suppose?
 I was preparing myself for a large scale attack to expose them and their trickery but soon after writing to them, the Tweet was removed.
As you can obviously see, the page is in my own mother tongue. I'm not even American! How double dare they!

I didn't get a screenshot of this yesterday but I can see today that they have removed two other tweets: one with a picture of a (blonde?) girl with a cross necklace and some text asking whether Christian girls were better to date (or something along those lines). I forgot what the other picture was about. But both were right beside the picture of the girl with the bruises on her face.

From what I understand, this twitter user is trying to frame Julian Assange - and simultaneously trying to appear like a more trustworthy site by acting as if they were a real, popular dating site with users like "Katie".

I haven't read more into it and won't have time to do so this coming week with both the convention coming and my trip to Vienna coming up.

I wish this whole thing would blow up so those people could finally be exposed once and for all.
I'd be happy to help!

At least it seems a couple of people have noticed on this Reddit thread


Now if you'll have me excused, I have a con to prepare for.

See ya!

Lucy Hart