About the blog

Hej! My name is Louise but I go by Lucy among friends and online.

My blog "Lucy Hart - One step closer to insanity~" was started on February 4th, 2012.
That year I was to become an exchange student in Southern California and the agency I
was traveling with encouraged us to make blogs in order for our families and friends to keep
track of our new lives - I guess my first posts were mostly for me to get into the whole idea of blogging.

From September 12th, 2012 to June 25th, 2013 I was living the American dream!
Well... kinda. My life over there was an emotional roller coaster but I managed to go through and
returned with a whole new perspective of life and of myself - all thanks to the amazing people I met over there.
All posts within this time frame centers around the positive and negative aspects of my trip. 
Definitely a bunch of must-reads for all current and soon-to-be exchange students!

After returning to the motherland, my blogging was put on hiatus while I was transitioning back into
the life of a Danish college student - which proved itself harder than I had imagined (more on that here).
It took me a while to realize that I had grown to enjoy blogging and that I had found comfort in this while being abroad.
Now I'm back to blogging on this and my beauty blog as well and I love what I do.

I have never been good with words, at least the spoken ones, and perhaps that is why I keep coming back here.
To find that comfort when facing the problems of an ever changing world.
To simply share a good moment with anyone willing to lend an ear.
To let my words speak for me when I can no longer talk.

Enjoy your stay here!

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